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  1. Email sent regarding YMS updates! 🙂

  2. Hi Marc, I had purchased the ebook and Logic template in Jan 2016 but didnt have an account, any way that it can be created now with my order history so that I can download the updates, please do let me know cheers

  3. Will you be making mix template for studio one?

  4. I preordered the book before it came out!!! 🙂

  5. Cool. In deutsch werd ich mir das gern besorgen.
    Ich mag das wie du umschreibst und erklärst…

  6. Dennis

    Any news on when you will providing new templates for Cubase 9?

    • marcmozart

      Free update for all existing users coming February 15, 2017

      • Dennis

        That’s great! Thank you!

      • Thomas

        Could not find any update.



        • marcmozart

          Same download-link as before gives you the updated version! Logic, ProTools, Ableton-versions have been updated today, Cubase will follow (we’re still checking compatibility between 8.5 and 9).

          • Dennis

            Hi Marc. Just following up again. Any progress with Cubase 9 templates? Thanks!

  7. Santiago

    I’ve bought the eBook YOUR MIX SUCKS eBook (Spanish). Is there any way I can download the version in English? I’ve found some terms which are not properly translated.

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