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  1. Hey Marc! I really like your book and I am having a lot of fun with the templates. I just want to know if there is a way for me to get some of the book chapters in English, I have been having some trouble understanding some of the procedures and techniques. Please let me know if this is possible.Thanks Marc!

    • Not sure if we have replied to this yet – if not, please PM me on Facebook or e-mail me so we can sort you out.

    • You can enter your VAT-number on checkout. However, if you’re based in Germany you will always pay VAT since we are a Germany-based company and you will receive an invoice that includes VAT aka “Mehrwertsteuer”.

  2. hallo bitte convertiere es mit translator bei slate ist jetzt relab nicht mehr inkludiert bitte bring da ein update raus Liebe grüße Emre aus Austria

  3. I’ve bought the eBook YOUR MIX SUCKS eBook (Spanish). Is there any way I can download the version in English? I’ve found some terms which are not properly translated.

        • Same download-link as before gives you the updated version! Logic, ProTools, Ableton-versions have been updated today, Cubase will follow (we’re still checking compatibility between 8.5 and 9).

          • Still no Cubase 9 template update. It’s been months so wondering what’s happening and no response from you to my follow ups each month.

          • The current version works perfectly fine in Cubase 9 – we are still committed to an update but I rather not give a timeline at this point.

          • True, the 8.5 version is working fine in Cubase 9. But it is missing the new version with Klanghelm plugins. And that is what I am missing. Would be fine it I can download a version for an other DAW and convert it myself. But I won`t spend extra money to do so…..

          • Yes correct, those will still be updated – we can’t give you a timeline, but we will eventually finalise it.

  4. Hi Marc, I had purchased the ebook and Logic template in Jan 2016 but didnt have an account, any way that it can be created now with my order history so that I can download the updates, please do let me know cheers

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